Rendering phpBB BBCode in Go: Part 3

In the last part, we learned that it would be fairly difficult to make an accurate BBCode renderer for the TextFormatter-based storage format. In order to accomplish my goal in less time, I've decided on making my own XSLT stylesheet for the conversion.I pondered for a bit on how

Rendering phpBB BBCode in Go: Part 2

In Part 1, we talked mostly about the basic premise of how BBCode rendering works in phpBB. We also clumsily figured out how phpBB 3.2 translates BBCode from the old legacy BBCode storage format to the new s9e TextFormatter-based BBCode storage format.In this part, I plan to explore

Rendering phpBB BBCode in Go: Part 1

Recently, I had a project that involved an old phpBB database, and long story short, I found myself wanting to parse phpBB's internal BBCode in Go. It can't be that bad, right?Photo by Markus Spiske / UnsplashSurveying the SituationBefore digging in, I decided to do some code reconnaissance. I Git-cloned

Using DistCC to speed up builds

I have this old laptop. It's nothing too powerful anymore; a Sager NP5125 to be exact. Sporting an Intel Core i5 M560 CPU clocked at 2.67 GHz, the machine has 2 cores and 4 threads, this CPU scores 2588 on Passmark's CPU Mark test. While it certainly runs Linux

Hello, World.

I've made many attempts over the years to start a blog, in part because I wanted to keep a record of things I had been playing with and working on.  Ultimately, it has proven challenging to maintain a consistent stream of content, and I think it's best if I try